Blogs on paper

This was linked on The Daily Dish today along with the caption “the internet comes full circle”:

At first, I thought this is the dumbest idea I have heard in a while. I mean, isn’t the best part of the web that we have access to realtime information free from the constraints of the print publication workflow? Isn’t it great that we don’t have to pay for paper that is simply thrown away? Isn’t the most revolutionary thing about the web as a news source that we have access to perspectives from around the world and we can choose the angle that we are reading on events (c.f. Drudge vs Huffington) or editorial (c.f. Daily Dish vs. Kos)?

The answer to all of these things is “yes.” And this is truly the thing that print media mostly misses. The Printed Blog definitely offers an interesting compromise between traditional print and electronic media. I think that people like me any many of my peers would never pay for a print publication like this, but there may be a portion of newspaper readers who would be turned on to the blogosphere and internet news for the first time if they could consume the content in the same way that they always have: in print. Furthermore, because the content of the paper is voted on according to region, the perspectives represented will more closely mirror that of the locals, as oppose to that of the editors of the paper.

The trickiest obstacle I see for The Printed Blog is getting the paper into the hands of people who don’t already read blogs. But if they are able to accomplish this feat, it could mean bringing a whole new audience to the blogosphere, further broadening the perspectives that are shared online. Thoughts?