A couple of site changes

There are many reasons to have a personal blog. The most obvious (and frequent) reason is to have a place to keep your friends up-to-date with what you are doing. However, blogs are also a great tool for allowing potential employers or clients to know what you are passionate about and how you think. While I am not currently looking for a change in either of those areas, I decided that it is important to lay the groundwork now.

To begin with, I have finally moved this blog to a permanent home at andrewbredow.com instead of a subdomain to a site that I have no intention of developing any time soon. Any old links to site will be redirected here with 301 (permanent) redirect for the time being, and I will probably get rid of the subdomain altogether in a couple of months.

Additionally, I have made the switch over to Feedburner (which is now owned by Google) for my RSS feed. This will provide me with some better metrics and additional exposure and it also allows the possibility of switching out blogging software while keeping the same feed address. If you are subscribed to the old feed it will continue to work as long as the redirect is in place. However, it would be great if you re-subscribed using the Feedburner feed!

That’s all for now; there are more exciting things coming soon!