Back in the Saddle!

OK, things have been a bit dead around here lately (where lately = “for about the last 2 years”). A lot has changed in that time. In short, I have moved, traveled quite a bit, completed several sizable projects, become a father (twice), adjusted to parenthood, and I am about to start a new job. Phew.

Things are tiring at times, and I sometimes feel like my life is a delicate balancing act. That being said, I miss blogging (even though my previous tenure was rather short). Twitter has been great in the meantime, but there are so many things that just can’t be expressed in 140 characters. Not to mention, it is very difficult to feed my habit of overusing punctuation (especially parentheses) in that space! So, I have decided to “relaunch” my website, finally leaving Wordpress behind for greener pastures.

If you used to keep up with my old blog, you should still be subscribed, thanks to Feedburner. If we have gotten to know one another in the last couple of years, please consider subscribing! I’ll do my best to keep interesting things rolling in.